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organization video–final video

final video for comm studio iii
based on fictitious organization

[the society of compulsive label makers]


a more refined version of the society of label makers video

here’s a more refined version of my video for the Society of Compulsive Label Makers.

i’m pretty happy with it.

we’re nearing the end of this project

videos: attempt #1

here are my type and image videos for the society of compulsive label makers [fake organization created for comm studio iii]

they’re rough cuts but they show the concept.

reppin at the il fair

the identity logo i designed for kxlu/otis radio luvvin was chosen to rep the class at the otis il fair. here it is in tiled banner form–loFi, just how we like it:

communicationarts goes to the naturalhistorymuseum

natural history museum of los angeles.

kxlu <3 otis = radi-O

some rough designs i did for the kxlu/otis radio partnership identity logo

comm studio iii, day one.

for the first day of comm studio we had another “activity”–charette basically. with our groups we were asked to come up with a series and a way in which to present them. i worked with kam and amir, here’s what we did.