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organization video–final video

final video for comm studio iii
based on fictitious organization

[the society of compulsive label makers]


a more refined version of the society of label makers video

here’s a more refined version of my video for the Society of Compulsive Label Makers.

i’m pretty happy with it.

we’re nearing the end of this project

videos: attempt #1

here are my type and image videos for the society of compulsive label makers [fake organization created for comm studio iii]

they’re rough cuts but they show the concept.

comm studio iii, day one.

for the first day of comm studio we had another “activity”–charette basically. with our groups we were asked to come up with a series and a way in which to present them. i worked with kam and amir, here’s what we did.

comm studio doll poster project

these are some images for the doll poster project from last semester. we were made to use an object to create iconic image posters for both a business and a cultural institution.  my object was a doll and i chose to work with betsey johnson (for my business) and the silent movie theater (for my cultural institution).

these are just some not all. there were about 10 more initial images for this project, i just liked these the best.

Deinos Sauros

dinosaur sketchesss! these are some initial sketches for the second comm studio project. i’ve partnered up with mikey, his topic is Art in General, and mine is Natural History. we’re making the combination of topics into an exhibition for kids, i’m pretty excited about this project.  it should be good.